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Replacement Options
It's really your choice....

Accurate Replacement

Our primary focus is to help you get an accurate, like-for-like replacement for your lost or stolen items. We know jewellery is a personal choice and we may recommend suitable local jewellers. You’ll always have a choice of jeweller and we will allocate the replacement through any jeweller in New Zealand.

GemSelect Card

For many claims we will send you a GemSelect stored value card loaded with the retail value of your claim. This can be spent at hundreds of jewellery stores nationwide. You don’t have to spend the full value at once, or at only one store. You have a full 12 months to make your replacement purchases.

Unique Items

We know your jewellery can be unique and we offer personalised assistance for those hard-to-find items. These may be branded items that can only be supplied by the brand agents in NZ. Or antique items that you don’t want to go to a new jeweller to replace. Perhaps your jewellery was bought overseas and you’re concerned if New Zealand jewellers can supply the same. We’re experienced in managing all these situations and can help you navigate through them easily.

What our Customers Say

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