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Lost or Stolen Jewellery
Fair and accurate assessments of your precious jewellery

Our Approach

This may be the first time you have made a jewellery claim. You can trust JVC Claims to guide you through an efficient claim process and to keep you well-informed about your claim. Jewellery is very personal and we’ll work with you and your insurer to establish a fair assessment of your precious items.

Our expert team can assist you with the full range of jewellery and watches from modern and locally made items, to unique antique jewellery or specialist items sourced overseas.

What we'll need from you

Information is key. To ensure your claim progresses quickly and seamlessly you’ll be asked to provide any evidence of ownership you have for each item claimed. These may be receipts, photographs or previous valuations. The supporting information and documentation you provide will assist us in establishing the current value for the items.

If you prefer to talk through your situation, our experienced claims specialists are here to help. You can discuss your claim with caring and knowledgeable specialists who are aware of how challenging it can be to describe lost or stolen items that may have been acquired over many years.

Where there is no evidence of ownership for your items, they must be assessed as those of an average type, and priced at the same level as those generally available in the market.

Pricing and Valuing Items

JVC Claims works with over 400 jewellery stores throughout NZ for pricing and replacement. For accuracy, we may ask for quotes to replace from jewellers in your area. If you prefer you can also nominate a local jeweller to include in our quote requests.

Once pricing is complete we propose a claim settlement to your Insurer. This proposal is personal and unique to your jewellery and your insurance policy.

Once your Insurer approves the settlement we will be in touch to also seek your approval to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many factors that can influence this. However, we are committed to doing our role in a timely way. 80% of our evaluations are completed within five working days of being assigned to us. Bear in mind that commonly the larger the claim, the longer it will take to settle.

Your Insurer has engaged JVC Claims to independently gather as much information as possible about your lost, stolen, or damaged items. Together with your item description, any documentation, photographs, and receipts, we arrive at a validated description.

If you have not been able to provide any documentary evidence supporting the value of your items, they must be assessed as those of an average type and priced at the same level as those generally available in the market.

From the validated description, we use our extensive valuation experience to arrive at current replacement costs and market values for each piece.

Photos you can supply are an important part of our process in arriving at a validated description of your jewellery.

We appreciate you providing your photos to us. Once the evaluation is complete we will return your photographs to you.

Your insurer will advise us if an excess is to be collected, this is a requirement of your insurance policy. An excess for GemSelect cards will be collected by JVC Claims. Otherwise you will pay your excess directly to the jeweller.

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