JVC Claims has a dedicated team of repair specialists, experienced in assessing and managing the repair of damaged jewellery.

The repair team will always need to examine your damaged jewellery or watch. You can drop it off to us, or we’ll send you an insured  courier pack to send the item to us.

The damaged item will be fully assessed and a detailed damage report sent to your Insurer. Once your insurer approves the claim, JVC Claims will manage the repair process.

We will provide the selected jeweller with the work specifications so the correct and complete work is undertaken. We closely monitor the jewellers’ repair work for quality,  customer service and supply times.

If your preferred jewellers quote is competitive we will work with them to complete the repairs. Or we can manage the repair through specialist repairer jewellers. The item will be returned to you, fully repaired, back into it’s original condition.


How long do repairs take?

More than 80% of repairs are completed within 3 weeks. But the timeframe depends on the complexity of the work, the availability of materials and the workload of the selected jeweller. In all cases we will keep you well informed of expected timeframes.

Is my jewellery secure and insured while in transit to you?

Yes. We only use our own correctly labelled courier packs. While your own insurance may cover transit to us, we ensure that all items are fully insured both to us, and from us.

What about watch repairs?

We can oversee and manage the repair of most watch brands. Where possible we recommend an approved service agent for the specific watch brand. This ensure you maintain any warranty and brand integrity.



If you have suffered a loss we make the following guarantees to you:


JVC Valuers will supply an independent and objective assessment of your loss.


Your claim will be personally dealt with by a knowledgable and experienced jewellery expert.


A caring approach as we understand how distressing it can be to have a jewellery loss.


We will be prompt and efficient and keep you well informed of your claims progress.


A report to your insurer that fairly describes your jewellery and accurate current values applied.


A settlement recommendation that is appropriate for your specific jewellery and insurance policy terms.

We strive to make the jewellery claim process as straightforward as possible for you and your insurance company, and to provide your insurer with all that is necessary for a fair settlement of your loss.