I was upset when most of my jewellery was stolen!

JVC Claims were understanding and helpful. And I received a fair settlement from my insurance company.

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My handbag was stolen with my precious engagement ring inside.

JVC Claims quickly updated my valuation and I was happy to be able to go to my jeweller and buy a replacement.

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My Grandfather's watch means alot to me.

When it got damaged in an accident JVC Claims quickly assessed the damage. I'm very happy with the watchmaker's restoration.

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GemSelect Card

The GemSelect card my insurance company gave me was a quick and easy way to buy my replacement jewellery from the jeweller I wanted, when I wanted.

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We’re here to make your claim as smooth as possible, fairly advising you and your insurer on replacement and repair options.

JVC Claims is New Zealand’s largest organisation specialising in the professional valuation and management of insurance claims for lost, stolen or damaged jewellery and watches.

We operate independently of any insurance company or jeweller, providing an accurate and objective assessment of your claims value. We aim to make your jewellery claim as smooth as possible, fairly advising you and your insurer on replacement and repair options.

If your insurance company has appointed JVC Claims to evaluate your claim, you can be sure your claim is in good hands. Trusted by NZ’s largest insurers we have 20 years experience handling many thousands of claims.

We know how important your lost or damaged jewellery can be to you. Our objective is to work hard with you and your insurer to get an accurate and fair settlement of your claim.


If you have suffered a loss we make the following guarantees to you:


JVC Valuers will supply an independent and objective assessment of your loss.


Your claim will be personally dealt with by a knowledgable and experienced jewellery expert.


A caring approach as we understand how distressing it can be to have a jewellery loss.


We will be prompt and efficient and keep you well informed of your claims progress.


A report to your insurer that fairly describes your jewellery and accurate current values applied.


A settlement recommendation that is appropriate for your specific jewellery and insurance policy terms.

We strive to make the jewellery claim process as straightforward as possible for you and your insurance company, and to provide your insurer with all that is necessary for a fair settlement of your loss.