Once your insurance company has agreed on the settlement we may be asked to manage the reinstatement of your jewellery. To provide you and your insurer with objective and unbiased advice, we cannot  supply or replace any jewellery to you ourselves.

Working with you and your insurer we aim for a settlement that gives you maximum choice, while ensuring pricing is competitive.

GemSelect Card – for many claims we will send you a GemSelect stored value card loaded with the retail value of your claim. This can be spent at  jewellery stores nationwide. You don’t have to spend the full value at once, or at only one store and you have 12 months to make your purchases.

JADEX tender – for specific and high value items we obtain comparative quotes from a range of jewellers, and we will happily include your preferred jeweller. JADEX tenders ensure your jewellery or watch is replaced on a like-for-like basis. A competitive tender process also ensures your jewellery item is replaced quickly and accurately while ensuring the insurers cost is not under or over quoted.

Jewellers can register for JADEX here.


Can I use GemSelect card at more than one shop?

Yes, you can use the card at as many stores as you like until the available balance is used.

Do I have to pay a policy excess?

Your insurer will advise us if an excess is to be collected, and this is a requirement of your insurance policy. An excess for GemSelect cards will be collected by JVC Claims. For JADEX tenders you will pay the excess to the jeweller.

How long can I use the GemSelect card for?

Your GemSelect card is valid for 12 months from the date you activate the card. If you wish to extend it you must contact us before the card has expired and we will re-issue you a new card for another 12 months.


If you have suffered a loss we make the following guarantees to you:


JVC Valuers will supply an independent and objective assessment of your loss.


Your claim will be personally dealt with by a knowledgable and experienced jewellery expert.


A caring approach as we understand how distressing it can be to have a jewellery loss.


We will be prompt and efficient and keep you well informed of your claims progress.


A report to your insurer that fairly describes your jewellery and accurate current values applied.


A settlement recommendation that is appropriate for your specific jewellery and insurance policy terms.

We strive to make the jewellery claim process as straightforward as possible for you and your insurance company, and to provide your insurer with all that is necessary for a fair settlement of your loss.