If you have recently suffered a jewellery loss or theft, or if a piece of your precious jewellery has been damaged, a qualified and experienced JVC Valuers team member will discuss your insurance claim with you. This will normally be done on the phone, although for large or complex claims we may meet with you.

Our valuer will ask you to tell us everything you know about the items you’re claiming for. Importantly, they will request additional information to accurately assess the value of your claim, including photographs, receipts, valuations or other forms of documentation confirming the details, description or prices of the items.

These questions are so that our valuer completely understands the specific jewellery you had. It ensures our valuations are accurate and personal to your jewellery claim. From the description, information supplied and replies to valuer questions, the valuer will create in their mind a clear picture of the jewellery you have described.

The more accurately you can describe the pieces to us, and in particular the more documented proof such as valuations and warranties you can provide for us, the more accurate our valuation will be.


How has JVC arrived at the value of my claim?

Your Insurer has engaged JVC Claims to independently gather as much information as possible about your lost, stolen or damaged items. One of JVC’s valuers would have spoken with you and from your description of the items together with any documentation, photographs and receipts we arrive at a validated description.

If you have not been able to provide any documentary evidence supporting the value of your items, they must be assessed as those of an average type and priced at the same level as those generally available in the market.

From the validated description we use our extensive valuation experience to arrive at current replacement costs and market values for each piece.

How long will it take to evaluate my jewellery claim?

There are many factors that can influence this. However, we are committed to doing our role in a timely way. 80% of our evaluations are completed within five working days of being assigned to us. Bear in mind that commonly the larger the claim, the longer it will take to settle.

Will you send my photos back to me ?

Photos you can supply are an important part of our process in arriving at a validated description of your jewellery.

We appreciate you providing your photos to us. Once the evaluation is complete we will return your photographs to you.



If you have suffered a loss we make the following guarantees to you:


JVC Valuers will supply an independent and objective assessment of your loss.


Your claim will be personally dealt with by a knowledgable and experienced jewellery expert.


A caring approach as we understand how distressing it can be to have a jewellery loss.


We will be prompt and efficient and keep you well informed of your claims progress.


A report to your insurer that fairly describes your jewellery and accurate current values applied.


A settlement recommendation that is appropriate for your specific jewellery and insurance policy terms.

We strive to make the jewellery claim process as straightforward as possible for you and your insurance company, and to provide your insurer with all that is necessary for a fair settlement of your loss.